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Product Features

  • Each chassis has a frame welded tubular steel and is designed to lock end-to-end with a second chassis to permit longitudinal transferring of the platform
  • Locking hand lever available on both trolleys and by single hand operated
  • Instant foot up tilt by smooth steeples action at angle up to 12o held by a safe friction lock
  • 8” diameter central locking castors with steering, free and total brakes
  • Protective bumpers fitted at each corner
  • Four hooks IV Pole
  • Each platform is constructed of a double tier, square tube, steel frame and has a ratchet operated rising backrest up to 70o
  • The mattress support is fully radio translucent and by utilizing the movable X-Ray cassette situated under the mattress platform and full length X-Ray photography is achievable
  • The platform transfer smoothly and using special low friction bearings on the transverse rails of the chassis
  • Telescopic chrome plated side rails
  • IV sockets situated end of platform to allow unimpeded transfer of the patient on a drip
  • The platform complete with 5cm (2”) thick, radio translucent, foam mattress with water proof, fire retardant, anti-bacterial treated, anti-static & stain resistant
  • The sterile area chassis with transfer platform can be used as a recovery room trolley c/w all necessary facilities for anaesthetic and post-operative procedures


Technical Specifications 

  • Single trolley Approx Dim (mm): 2092mmL x 717mmW x 865mmH
  • Overall Approx Dim (mm)(during transfer): 4004mmL x 717mmW x 865mmH